Spa Facilities

A stay at our B&B comes with free access to:

  • Hot tub on flower rich private patio.
  • FAR infra red Sauna.
  • Swimming pool (outside seasonal).
  • Relax and Games room with fire place.
  • Extensive gardens.

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To make your experience in our B&B even more complete, we have joined up with a local, high quality Masseuse to provide treatments at Just For You B&B in your room..

We can arrange for your spa treatment with your room reservations.

Ruth Glendon

Indian head massage/Hot Stone Massage/Foot reflex therapy.
Very affordable prices, ask us 226-781-2498
If you want to have a massage treatment while staying, we will do our utmost to arrange this. Since this is short term we can not promise that we will be able to arrange this.